Play with light, sound, touch, and even other Robots! It remembers your interactions and changes as it grows up!


Change your Robot's characteristics and add new features with the Arduino programming environment!


Available as a Do-It-Yourself Kit for those who want to solder! Learn about building and repairing electronics!


Beep, Blink? Buzz!

Let's Play!
With light, touch, sound, and IR, you can play with your Robot in all sorts of ways!

Different Personalities!
Little Robot Friends each have their own personality - selected by you - that changes with each interaction. It will get tired, cranky, cheerful, happy and respond in different ways depending on its mood.

Robot Chat!
With their own unique personalities, Robots can talk to each other using infrared light. Depending on what they say and who's listening, you'll see different reactions!

What is a Little Robot Friend made of?    See the technical specs!

Get Creative!

Get All The Updates!
With a Hacker Dock or a compatible dongle, you'll be able to install every bit of software that our team dreams up or the LRF community shares! From new expressions, custom personality combos, maybe even Little Robot mini-games!

Dive into Arduino!
Hack into your Robot's open-source code - fully compatible with the popular and powerful Arduino platform!

Add Your Own Features!
Hacker Docks feature their own fully-functional Arduino controller and can pass information to and from your Robot. That means you can add new sensors, motors or a whole lot more!

Made a cool hack to your LRF?     Share it on the Community Creation Page!

Let's Make Friends!

Curious about what makes our gadgets work? Want an intro to soldering and fixing electronics? Or just looking for a cool, cute hardware kit to test your skills? A DIY Kit is a great project for beginners, intermediates and pros alike!

Tools You'll (Learn to) Use!
Putting together a Little Robot Friend requires a soldering iron, some pliers, a small screwdriver, some wire snips and a little glue. In about 30 minutes, you'll have a new friend.

Do I Have What It Takes?

Want to teach with Little Robot Friends? Check out our Educator's Resources!
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