Do you like to solder? Make
your own robot at home! 
If soldering’s not your style, 
try our new Maker Service!

Play with your robot's sensors 
and see its personality shine 
through! Or have multiple
robots play together!

Watch our simple video tutorials
to program new tricks, songs, 
games + more! From beginners
to experts, learn something new!

Beep, Blink? Buzz!

Let's Play!
Your Little Robot Friend can sense and play with touch, sound, ambient and IR light!

10 Characters!
Do you want an excitable robot, or a grumpy one? Use our selector tool to choose from ten characters - each with their own quirks and signature greetings!

Robot Chat!
Robots can chat and sing with each other by sending IR signals! Watch their personalities come through in how they speak!

Get Creative!

Get All The Updates!
With a Hacker Dock or a compatible dongle, you'll be able to install every bit of software that our team dreams up or the LRF community shares! From new expressions, custom personality combos, maybe even Little Robot mini-games!

Dive into Arduino!
Hack into your Robot's open-source code - fully compatible with the popular and powerful Arduino platform!

Add Your Own Features!
Hacker Docks feature their own fully-functional Arduino controller and can pass information to and from your Robot. That means you can add new sensors, motors or a whole lot more!

Let's Make Friends!

If you're curious about what makes electronics work and have some experience with soldering (or know someone who can show you), a DIY kit may be a great project for you!

Tools You'll Need!
Putting together a Little Robot Friend requires a soldering iron (we recommend a precise tip), solder (we use a fine gauge), and a few other tools like pliers and wire snips. A multimeter and a small vice are helpful too!

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Press Kit!

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